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Freilandpraktika & Exkursionen

Neben den großen Freilandpraktika bieten wir im Rahmen des Artenvielfaltkurses auch eine Reihe von Eintagesexkursionen an.

Die aktuellen Vorbesprechungstermine sind im LSF zu finden.

Im SS2023 finden Exkursionen und Feldpraktika statt.

  • Marine biology field trip to the Wadden sea (Sylt)

    Das Wattenmeer... unendliche Weiten...

    Every year this ten-day field trip about the biology and ecology of the wadden sea takes place on the northernmost german island Sylt. Here the students have the opportunity to become acquainted with the creatures and biotopes of the coast of the northern sea. Both outdoors and in the laboratory. mehr

  • Marine biology field trip to the Mediterranean sea (Piran)


    Every year the field trip focusing on the biology and ecology of the Mediterranean Sea takes place on the Marine Biology Station Piran (Slovenia). Under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Roland Melzer 16 students are introduced to the creatures and habitats of the Adriatic coast and obtain proficiency in faunistic knowledge. There is much snorkeling and sample collection and suntan lotion is mandatory. The ship-based trips are an annual highlight. mehr

  • High Alps excursion

    Die Kürsinger Hütte, 2558m

    Every year in midsummer a small group hikes through the Hohen Tauern to learn about alpine organisms and habitats. Waypoints on this excursion are the Berndlalm (1500m) and the Kürsinger Hütte (2500m) in the Obersulzbachtal as well as neighbouring peaks and glaciers. mehr